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About Hello Little One

Jen_Romanski Hello Little One, Poppy Studio & Jenny Romanski designs have been featured in many national publications including People Magazine, Modern Bride, Real Simple and Pregnancy & Newborn. Our three brands sell and have sold exclusively through Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Wedding Paper Divas, Walgreens, Costco and Target.

I love design. My mind is always buzzing with all the possibilities for something creative everywhere I look. I see a barn on the side of the road, I’m taking note of color, shape, contrast, and how that would be a great location for a photo shoot. Some woman walks by in a kick-ass outfit, I’m wondering if I can translate her dress into a wedding invitation design. I know that Stanley Morison designed Times New Roman for the London Times in 1931. I like buying fonts more than I like buying clothes or, gasp, even shoes. I can write backwards in cursive. My first born is named after Leonardo da Vinci and his little brother is named after one of the greatest design towns of all time, London. I know the weight of a card stock by just looking at it. All completely useless junk for practically 98% of the population, but in my world this kind of stuff is fried gold. Hello. My name is Jenny Romanski, and I am addicted to design.

celineThis woman here is my mom, Celine. I made her retire early from teaching to join me in my quest for world design domination (and to help me with amazing illustrations). She makes a KILLER chicken divan and dreams in French. Oui, je suis sérioux. And despite the nightmare you think working with your mom might be, the two of us love working together and get on quite well (thank you very much!) – especially on those days we break out the champagne for brunch.