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Saved in Style

Playing with illustrations, lettering, layouts, shapes and patterns, Hello Little One created a new Save the Date for Wedding Paper Divas‘ collection — one that we think is rather playful. We

Seaside Romance

To all of our loyal readers, super fans, and fellow design-actics, We apologize for the delay in our good-reads as of late. We have been busy behind our computer making beautiful creations. For

Pin of the Week: Port Vintage

I loved this typeface so much that I could not just pick one Pin of the Week. I had to pick a few. So without further ado… introducing Port, a Didone (Didot + Bodoni) typeface with a bit of

Pin of the Week: Grayden and Jenny

I have recently developed a strong admiration and appreciation for user interface and user experience design. Scrolling through my Pinterest feed, I stumbled upon this gem. Instead of sending out

R – O – Y – G – B – I – V

Remember ROGBIV? A weird little lesson in order to remember the color of the rainbow. Some lovely women at NPR put together another lesson for you to really get to know the ins and outs of each

Love is in the Air: Nordstrom & Hello Little One

Hello Little One has a new love interest. We’re excited to announce that Nordstrom has a new curated collection of chic Tiny Prints stationery. We’re even more excited to announce that

Pin of the Week: Type Specimens

Every designer needs to understand typography. It helps to explain fundamental concepts and ideas in a visual medium of communication. As we all know, each typeface has its own artistic style. What

“Deadly Party” Halloween Invite Inspiration

How is it already October? Time is moving quickly and that means Halloween is right around the corner! We hope your season is filled with insanely cute costumes, clever treats (with a mix of both

Pin of the Week: DIY Packaging

Want something a little bit different and creative for fall gift giving? This week’s pin features a new kind of gift wrapping technique. To make this on your own, it’s simple. Just

Dark Romance Inspiration

Whether you or someone you know is planning a wedding, we have the perfect invitation to fit your dark romance theme. With a perfect combination of purples, golds, and greens, this invitation is

Pin of the Week: DeckStarter

For this week’s pin of the week, design studio, Turnstyle, has developed a two-deck set of playing cards inspired by Alice’s magical and surreal adventures in Wonderland. This limited

The Power of Design

Design research both inspires imagination and informs intuition through a variety of methods with related intents: to expose patterns underlying the rich reality of people’s behaviors and

Pin of the Week: Amouria

“Love is Fragile“, the tagline for the Amouria Brand, represents the essence behind the jewelry packaging for this week’s pin of the week. Jewelry, the staple gift for every

Pin of the Week: Mood Boards

For this week’s pin of the week, I took a trip down memory lane and remembered what it felt like to get out the washi tape or a glue stick and put an inspiration board together using your hands

Logo Motion

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is the brand design firm behind many of the world’s most recognizable trademarks. They excel in creating a graphic representations of brand identities that are

DIY: Polaroids

We all know that the design wheel is always being recreated and inspiration for recreation has to come from somewhere. Normally, we are inspired from fashion, movies, and pop culture. Fashion,

Pin of the Week: Only The Strong Survive – Hardwired Beer

As a huge fan of script fonts and hand lettering, I could not help but notice this pin while I scrolled through my Pinterest. A London-based designer, Craig Black, was interested in how humans

Pin of the Week: Frameless Frame

I was surprised by how much I gravitated toward this week’s pin of the week. You’ll notice that is it quite simple, both in concept and in execution. Yet, it is striking, so modern and so

So Sharky

By now, I am sure you have seen this hilarious Shark Week 2014 commercial starring 80’s heartthrob, Rob Lowe. As soon as August rolls around, there seems as if there is a sudden fetish for

Pin of The Week: Trig

I stumbled upon this pin while searching the World Wide Web and I fell in love. I have always had a mini-design obsession with triangles and an even bigger obsession with bright colors. Thus,

Hidden Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they always say; however, sometimes beauty may be hidden to the naked eye. Sometimes it may only appear briefly. Photographer Guy Tal shows us just that in his

Pin of the Week: Britt Bass Turner

Everyone needs a small pop of color in their life and what better way to do that than with design. I have had a long time love for abstract art and a rather recent love for Britt Bass‘s work,

New Year, New Supplies

The countdowns have officially begun! Soon incoming college freshman will begin packing up their hometown bedrooms, moving away from home and starting a new life taking classes in big study halls

Pin of the Week: It Pops!

While surfing the web, I stumbled upon this awesome pin of the week. I’ve always been drawn to designs with dark backgrounds. I believe it creates contrast and makes the typography pop, which