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Color Block Craves

I’m in love with anything color blocked — always have been. What I love most about it is that it’s a trend that never goes out of style. The colors can just change to reflect the

Let’s Party! Ugly Sweater or Holiday Soirée?

The election is finally over and holiday party season is here! You’ll probably be attending or throwing some type of festive celebration this year, and chances are it’s either going to be

Election Day… Finally!

As if anyone needs a reminder this year!  If you can and time allows, take your kids. I brought my boys to the voter booths for a little lesson in civics (one was interested, one could care less

Our 2016 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection is Here

I know, I know, Halloween just happened…and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet! But there are two reasons for this early post. First: we’re excited. SUPER excited. This is our

The Importance of Taking a Break

I haven’t written a blog in a long time. A really long time. A wicked long time. In fact, it’s been over a year. And I like writing blogs… so why did I take so much time off? Frankly, I needed a

The Beautiful Works of Conrad Roset

The other day I received a package in the mail that contained the print above, from one of my dearest and sweetest friends in the world. As I gushed how much I loved it, she told me that she new I

Valentine’s Day Kids Classroom Cards — New Designs!

With all the crazy snow we’ve been getting in the Northeast, it’s almost easy to forget that Valentine’s Day is at the end of next week! However, it’s not too late to order

Cheers to 2015!

Thank you friends, family, and all Hello Little One customers for an awesome 2014. I feel truly blessed to still be designing stationery after all these years and it’s only because of you that

Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration

I’m still sneaking candy from my boys’ Halloween bags (just the stuff that I know they won’t eat ;) but Thanksgiving is already two weeks from today! I’ve gathered some Fall

Explaining Veteran’s Day to Kids

Today is Veteran’s Day. A day full of parades, free services and goods for our military, speeches and remembrances. My family and I are headed into Boston to participate in these activities,

Making Halloween Special for Kids with Allergies

With Halloween so close, I’m sure a lot of you will be heading out to purchase treats in the next day or two. As a mom of a child with an allergy (peanuts but no longer dairy — woo

Reading List for First Graders that Parents will Love

My first grader is learning to read — which is an awesome process to observe. I love that he’s excited about reading and is so proud of himself when he gets through a few sentences all

Braizenly Awesome

The four cool cats you see above make-up Braizen, the kick-ass design and marketing team that I worked with this Spring to redo my brand and website. My friend Jill Smith had hired them to re-work

Falling for Fall

It’s October 1st and in my mind, the unofficial first day of Fall. I just couldn’t bring myself to think summer was over yet, especially this past weekend in Boston when temps hit 80

After the Picking: What do to with all those Apples

We’re going apple picking at Smolak Farms next week and I’m already trying to think of what I’m going to do with all those apples. My boys treat it like a game of ‘who can

Black and Gold Party Invitation Inspiration Board

Fall is around the corner, and with the season comes the inevitable chic party celebrations. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, holiday soirée, or anniversary party, you can never go

Our Shutterfly Holiday Collection is Here!

We’re still wearing shorts and flip-flops here in Boston (thankfully), but before you know it, the leaves will be falling, apples will be picked, and turkey dinners will be served. And over

A Little Design Can Go a Long Way

Awhile back, I designed the following invitation for Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Invitations Collection. As a stationary designer, I love the simple elegance of the invitation for the bride

I Lost My Tooth. I Really Lost It.

Leo finally lost his first baby tooth this week. And as you can see by the note above, he really ‘lost’ it. We think he may have swallowed it while downing a plate of spaghetti and

Boston Love: Maureen Ford Photography

I am so excited to write another Boston Love post about one of my most nearest and dearest friends, who also happens to be one of the most kick-ass photographers in the country (yes folks,

Charlotte Ronson and Tiny Prints

The name Charlotte Ronson has become synonymous with a fashion design sense that merges runway style with ready-to-wear accessibility. Her combination of femininity and street-style can take you

Graduation Party Decor Ideas

We are in the midst of graduation season and along with tassels and diplomas comes parties and celebrations. While browsing around Pinterest, we found some pretty creative decor ideas, mostly on a

Noteworthy Teachers

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and each day in Leo’s Kindergarten class, parents and students are presenting the teachers with something cool, fun and useful. Our room parent came up


The only thing we love more than designing is seeing how our designs can be the basis for more inspiration. Jessie from Sweet Lulu couldn’t have done a better job, using our Silly Socks