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To all of our loyal readers, super fans, and fellow design-actics,

We apologize for the delay in our good-reads as of late. We have been busy behind our computer making beautiful creations. For example, check out our latest summer wedding invitations. This series of invitations was designed for Wedding Paper Divas‘ Spring/Summer collection. Incorporating warmth, summer themes, and happy bright colors, this collaboration with Jenny resulted in what I like to think is a really kick-butt stationary system.

Jenny was responsible for typographical layout, while I worked on the watercolor illustrations on the front and back design. Collectively, our favorite part of this invite is the small watercolor icon. Each icon at the top changes with each color option making this perfect for any and all beach and destination weddings.

Beach Icons_Flamingo
Beach Icons_Shell
Beach Icons_Flower
Beach Icons_Palm
Beach Icons_Anchor

If you are planning a destination wedding, the options are endless. Check our seaside romance invites here.

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With all the crazy snow we’ve been getting in the Northeast, it’s almost easy to forget that Valentine’s Day is at the end of next week! However, it’s not too late to order your super adorable personalized kids classroom valentines. You can find our entire collection on Tiny Prints here. Leo, my first grader, picked Friend of Mine, which I designed specifically for him as he is obsessed with Minecraft. Nate, my little warrior, picked  Tough Turtle, inspired by those Teenage Mutants. If you missed the boat on holiday cards, our photo Valentine collection can be found here. Happy Heart Day!

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Thank you friends, family, and all Hello Little One customers for an awesome 2014. I feel truly blessed to still be designing stationery after all these years and it’s only because of you that I continue to do so. I really love coming up with new designs but more than that, I love seeing your photos fill them up.  I hope the year ahead brings you continued peace, love and happiness. Now bring on the bubbly and Happy New Year!

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I loved this typeface so much that I could not just pick one Pin of the Week. I had to pick a few. So without further ado… introducing PortDidone (Didot + Bodoni) typeface with a bit of a twist.


According to the designer, João Oliveira, his goal with Port was to melt the straight lines and strong contrasts of the Didone typefaces with the elegant lines of calligraphy in a geometric way. To some this may seem like a weird deviation or counter intuitive since as we know it , calligraphy is organic. Oliveria wanted to change that so he combined swashes and flourishes with the geometric elements of the type, resulting in something truly unique.

Port‘s various styles render itself for big displays like the editorial layouts shown above. It is one of my new favorites and we hope that you design nerds fall in love with it too. I may just be swiping my credit card to add this typeface to my Suitcase Fusion.

To see each individual letter form by the artist, check out João Oliveira’s Behance profile here. To see more of our pins, check them out here.

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I’m still sneaking candy from my boys’ Halloween bags (just the stuff that I know they won’t eat ;) but Thanksgiving is already two weeks from today! I’ve gathered some Fall inspired home decor pieces inspired by our Maple Heart Thanksgiving Photo Card from Tiny Prints. If you’re serving the bird, think about how pretty those gold leaf bottles would be as a centerpiece. Fill them with some greens or wheat branches from the florist for a simple and modern look. And by the way, those are Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay bottles, which I tried this summer and is my new favorite white. If you aren’t hosting, the safflower wreath or ‘grateful’ sign would make a really beautiful hostess gift.

1. simple & pretty silverware setting | 2. gold leaf bottles | 3. fall safflower wreath | 4. leaf photo wall | 5. leaf pillow | 6. place cards | 7. wooden sign


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