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I haven’t written a blog in a long time. A really long time. A wicked long time. In fact, it’s been over a year. And I like writing blogs… so why did I take so much time off? Frankly, I needed a break. A break from throwing myself whole heartedly into everything work related. I put a few things on the back burner for a bit — to ease my mind, to feed my soul — and it worked.

So why is taking a break so important? I remember hearing a story about Bob Dylan, who, after a huge tour in England, was dissatisfied with the way his career was going, and was drained of energy from the life he was living as a musician. So he took a break — and actually considered quitting the business. Soon after, he wrote “Like a Rolling Stone” which some outlets have ranked the greatest song of all time.

I definitely didn’t take the entire year off, but I did work hard at finding more balance (cliché but true). I went to Shanghai (so amazing) I taught a HIIT Tabata class (super challenging) and I spent a lot more time with my family (the best reward by far). When I do hunker down and get designing, my work is better, sharper, and more creative.

This is a theory that more and more current day thinkers are embracing. In his book Imagine, How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer writes that letting a mind wander is key to having more creative insights. I’d have to agree with him and also add that emptying the mind actually does this for me as well. When I’m in my 5th mile of a run and my head is devoid of anything except the finish line, I return back to my work refreshed both mentally and physically.

So give yourself a break and give yourself a break :)

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Photo by my fab friend Gena who I visited in Shanghai, where I ate my weight in dumplings.


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Playing with illustrations, lettering, layouts, shapes and patterns, Hello Little One created a new Save the Date for Wedding Paper Divas‘ collection — one that we think is rather playful. We had fun mixing paint to create the bold artwork. The back design was meant to be loud, bold and beautiful to compliment the typographical and photo layout on the front.

If you or someone you know just got engaged, send them the link to this save the date which you can find here.


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The other day I received a package in the mail that contained the print above, from one of my dearest and sweetest friends in the world. As I gushed how much I loved it, she told me that she new I would, as it was on my Pinterest page, “art awesomeness” (did I mention how clever she is as well?!?!). The print is from Barcelona artist Conrad Roset and his stuff just rocks. Take a look at a few of my other faves below. Prints are available here, and he ships internationally.

74 jess_copy1
388 IRIS_cmyk copia_copy1
558 copia_copy1
560 copia_copy1

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To all of our loyal readers, super fans, and fellow design-actics,

We apologize for the delay in our good-reads as of late. We have been busy behind our computer making beautiful creations. For example, check out our latest summer wedding invitations. This series of invitations was designed for Wedding Paper Divas‘ Spring/Summer collection. Incorporating warmth, summer themes, and happy bright colors, this collaboration with Jenny resulted in what I like to think is a really kick-butt stationary system.

Jenny was responsible for typographical layout, while I worked on the watercolor illustrations on the front and back design. Collectively, our favorite part of this invite is the small watercolor icon. Each icon at the top changes with each color option making this perfect for any and all beach and destination weddings.

Beach Icons_Flamingo
Beach Icons_Shell
Beach Icons_Flower
Beach Icons_Palm
Beach Icons_Anchor

If you are planning a destination wedding, the options are endless. Check our seaside romance invites here.

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With all the crazy snow we’ve been getting in the Northeast, it’s almost easy to forget that Valentine’s Day is at the end of next week! However, it’s not too late to order your super adorable personalized kids classroom valentines. You can find our entire collection on Tiny Prints here. Leo, my first grader, picked Friend of Mine, which I designed specifically for him as he is obsessed with Minecraft. Nate, my little warrior, picked  Tough Turtle, inspired by those Teenage Mutants. If you missed the boat on holiday cards, our photo Valentine collection can be found here. Happy Heart Day!

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