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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and each day in Leo’s Kindergarten class, parents and students are presenting the teachers with something cool, fun and useful. Our room parent came up with some very creative themes (with the help of Pinterest of course!). Today is “Noteworthy Teacher” day, and we’re gifting them personalized stationery from Tiny Prints.

Left to Right:
Chevron Sparkle / Painted Beauty / Elegant Edge

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The only thing we love more than designing is seeing how our designs can be the basis for more inspiration. Jessie from Sweet Lulu couldn’t have done a better job, using our Silly Socks design as the party invitation. Check out her creatively simple ideas below (how delish do those donuts look??!! YUM!)


More photos and party ideas here

Check out The Sweet Lulu Shop for super stylish party supplies


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I consider myself super lucky to work with such great companies, but sometimes I feel even luckier to design alongside some super amazing artists. After years of selling our designs together, we’ve become fast friends through meetings, summits, and the annual Stationery Show in NYC. Many of these gals (and guys) sell their artwork through other venues and in this blog series, I’m giving a shout out to these talented friends of mine.

Stacy Amoo-Mensah of Elm and Gray describes her style and fresh and modern and I couldn’t agree more. Her illustrations are fun, vibrant, and walk the fine line of being both sophisticated and playful. Her designs on Tiny Prints always blow me away (especially this one) and she also sells these super cute personalized canvases on Oopsy Daisy. The artwork has enough maturity that you can buy these for the nursery and your kids can grow with them. A few of my favorites are above… check them out!

Clockwise from top left:

Hearts / Urban Landscape  / Birds Gond Mod  / Modern Giraffes


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If you take a look at my Pinterest board Art Awesomeness, you’ll see that I’m a little obsessed with abstract, big brush stroke, colorful paintings. One of my favorite artists who perfects this type of look is Atlanta based Britt Bass Turner. She was just awarded the Jezebel Best of Atlanta local artist award so I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her. Her online shop has prints and paintings at really affordable prices — I just picked up a print and put it in a store bought white frame and it looks fantastic. Thanks Britt Bass for making such beautiful art!

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Check out our pin of the week: this AH-MAY-ZING rug created by New Friends for Anthropologie. It has everything I love: texture, color, geometric patterning. The NYC gals at New Friends are super talented and have some really cool textile stuff going on. Check out their Instagram stream for some serious eye candy.

Photo by Alyssa Robb from the New Friends website 

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