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Design research both inspires imagination and informs intuition through a variety of methods with related intents: to expose patterns underlying the rich reality of people’s behaviors and experiences, to explore reactions to probes and prototypes, and to shed light on the unknown through iterative hypothesis and experiment.  – Jane Fulton Suri, creative director, IDEO

Currently, the largest Ebola outbreak in history is gripping West Africa. Officially, it has claimed the lives of over 1,350 people with many more feared dead or infected. The epidemic is quickly spreading to nearby countries and has arrived in Europe and North America and other countries.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.58.17 PM

At times, it’s hard to have empathy for others especially when there is a lack of transparency and flow of information. The Ebola in Liberia project commissioned by Liberia’s Ministry of Information and Communication seeks provide a central location for the latest data about the Ebola epidemic with the use of design. Data is collected by various sources on the ground in Liberia.

The collaboration, between the Liberian government and American designers, uses design to communicate information and a powerful message which in hope will result in action needed to stop the epidemic. Through data visualizations, infographics and news, the site is meant to provide relevant information to all its users.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.57.56 PM


The site is not super sophisticated and in proper crisis design format, it does not need to be. The simple responsive site with embedded visualization technology suffices giving you exactly what you need to know quickly. To learn more about this project, visit www.ebolainliberia.org.

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We’re going apple picking at Smolak Farms next week and I’m already trying to think of what I’m going to do with all those apples. My boys treat it like a game of ‘who can get the most’ and we end up with close to 100 apples. You can’t give them away, because everyone else is usually in the same boat! So this year, I’m planning ahead. A big batch of homemade apple sauce is first on my list, followed by some muffins that I can freeze. Here are some of the recipes that I’ll be using, as well as a few other ideas for all your apple needs.


I’ll be following this recipe from Baked Brie for my applesauce. Yum!

fuji apple chicken salad 2

How good does this Fuji Apple Chicken salad look from Barefoot in the Kitchen?


Apple coconut muffins? Yes please! This recipe is from I Adore Food.


Traditional candy apples from The Mother Huddle


Baked Brie with Apple-Cranberry Compote from Rodelle Kitchen. I could probably eat this whole thing in one sitting.


Just in time for Halloween, candy apple monsters from Polkadot Chair.


Apple Crisp from Recipes Squared.

summer wreath 001

This apple wreath from Balancing the Dream is so pretty! She made this for under $20 too!


An orange, apple and cinnamon potpourri always smells delish and this one from express-o is super easy


And finally, good old fashioned apple pie! This recipe from Food Tapes is easy to follow (if making the pastry yourself scares you, any good supermarket like Whole Foods has great ready made pie crust).

All photo credits are given to the link provided below them.

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Love is Fragile“, the tagline for the Amouria Brand, represents the essence behind the jewelry packaging for this week’s pin of the week. Jewelry, the staple gift for every Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, carries significant meaning behind it and so does the Amouria logo. Amouria believes that relationships are known to be fragile matter. However, if thin lines of the logo become facets of diamond, it’s a reason to think different.

I love the original typography and it’s geometric, simple elements. It makes for a clean design that is fun to look at.


This project was designed for Neville Billimoria by Dima Tsapko. For more images, check out Amouria featured on The Dieline.

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Fall is around the corner, and with the season comes the inevitable chic party celebrations. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, holiday soirée, or anniversary party, you can never go wrong with shimmery gold and midnight black. Again and again, I always come back to this elegant color palette. It never fails to make guests feel glamorous and regal.

Featured Invitation: Gilded Celebration Anniversary Party Invitation

1. rose candlesticks  |  2. bicycle art print   |  3. cake   |  4. gilded favor box   |  5. striped straws   |  6. table setting   |  7. cake pops

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For this week’s pin of the week, I took a trip down memory lane and remembered what it felt like to get out the washi tape or a glue stick and put an inspiration board together using your hands instead of your mouse.


The social media, digital age is defined by what is technologically new and exciting, thus it is a surprise to no one that Pinterest has replaced your traditional inspiration or mood board. Though I consider myself an avid pinterest-er and consumer of digital media, there is something special about collecting images from magazines and catalogs and placing them together in a collage. Pinterest is best for organization and bookmarking my favorite images online for sure; but for flat out creativity, hand-made inspiration boards are a work of art itself. There is something aesthetically pleasing with inspiration boards that you miss out on via Pinterest. Does this make me an old dinosaur who likes cutting and pasting?

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