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By now, I am sure you have seen this hilarious Shark Week 2014 commercial starring 80’s heartthrob, Rob Lowe.

As soon as August rolls around, there seems as if there is a sudden fetish for sharks. They are pretty impressive animals when you get to know them. Though 70% of sharks give birth to young ones, they are not included in the category of mammals. This is because they breathe through gills and have skeletons composed of cartilage, which technically makes them fish. And did you know that a shark’s jaw is not a part of its skull? They can dislocate and protrude their upper jaw to grab and hang on to prey. How cool is that?

All this shark talk has been a source of design inspiration. If you’re planning a Shark-Week themed cookout or birthday party, we’ve got you covered. Next family outing, have your little guy be the #KingOfSummer with Hello Little One’s Shark Bite Birthday Party Invitation.


We love it and we hope you do too!

More fun shark facts can be found here.

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I stumbled upon this pin while searching the World Wide Web and I fell in love. I have always had a mini-design obsession with triangles and an even bigger obsession with bright colors. Thus, everything about this design caught my eye. Australian designer, Olivia King, has crafted everything from the logo to the packaging to the mobile design for this Trig branding. In my opinion, it is everything a design should be — eye-catching, simple, and fun!


Love this? Check out more of King’s work here.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they always say; however, sometimes beauty may be hidden to the naked eye. Sometimes it may only appear briefly. Photographer Guy Tal shows us just that in his series, The Good BadlandsThe Badlands, a national park in South Dakota, is a harsh landscape where one could easily miss the beauty amongst its cracked, barren ground. It can be years before the brilliantly colored wildflowers grow from the desolate landscape. So we may not be able to view The Badlands’ wildflowers for ourselves, but thanks to Guy Tal we have the next best thing. Below are some examples of his work that show us that there is delicate and subtle beauty in abundance for any viewer with patience and desire.


A Perfect Morning


Rare Beauty


Awash in Color


Early Purples


First Blooms

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Everyone needs a small pop of color in their life and what better way to do that than with design. I have had a long time love for abstract art and a rather recent love for Britt Bass‘s work, thus I had to make her Hello Little One’s pin of the week. Her juxtaposition of medium, texture, color and shape make each design truly unique and make each print perfect for your home or office.


I have this print hanging above my desk in my studio office at home.


What the people here at Hello Little One love the most is her art of layering, adding, and omitting paint to create these abstract pieces. Her work is a huge area of inspiration for me as my own type of artist. Britt Bass Turner is the definition of art awesomeness.

Photography by Jen Siska. Check out more of Hello Little One’s pins here.

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Awhile back, I designed the following invitation for Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Invitations Collection. As a stationary designer, I love the simple elegance of the invitation for the bride whom does not want something too dramatic but still wants something classic.


I was very excited to be able to share this design with The Original PhotoBooth whom used the elegant frame design in this bride and groom’s photo prints. The Original PhotoBooth specializes in photo booth photography for weddings and special events. These prints came out great!


Aren’t they a cute couple?

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