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The countdowns have officially begun! Soon incoming college freshman will begin packing up their hometown bedrooms, moving away from home and starting a new life taking classes in big study halls that could probably fit their entire graduating class. It will be exciting. It will be overwhelming but one thing that you do not have to worry about future-design-children-of-the-world is what supplies you will need to begin your career as a designer.



1. MACBOOK COMPUTER — Your computer will be your life. Protect it as if it’s your first born child. Put a case on it. Clean your screen whenever there are fingerprints smudges and for god sakes, keep it away from coffee cups at all times. I recommend a MacBook Pro, not just because I drank Apple’s kool-aid a long time ago, but because the screen resolution is perfection when creating your digital artwork.

As a young designer, your school might just be nice enough to provide the programs you will use. If not, you will need to purchase (at least) Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, but it will be worth every cent.

2. SKETCHBOOK — As a graphic design major, your artwork will move to the digital sphere. This does not mean you still shouldn’t abandon your sketchpads. A sketchbook is a simple creative tool to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper (a critical first step in the creative process). They are relatively cheap and you can get them anywhere — an art supply store, your university bookstore, CVS, or Staples.

3. SHARPIE PENS — I believe this is one the greatest pens out there. It doesn’t bleed like a regular sharpie and it is perfect for the creative process (in your new sketchbook of course).

4. PAPER CUTTER — If you plan on printing anything at school (which you will), you’re going to be thankful for a paper cutter that will cut perfectly straight edges. You don’t have to thank me now…. you can thank me later.

5. LYNDA.COM — If you can afford it (or if your parents can afford it after your hefty tuition bills), get a subscription lynda.com. After all, you are a beginner just getting your feet wet in the field of design. If you sign up, you’ll receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by great teachers who are also working professionals. I could watch videos on lynda forever because there is always something new to learn in the Adobe Creative Suites.

Side piece of advice — You do not need a nice, fancy camera (unless a specific class requires it). With that being said, it helps to have one or to have a photographer friend. This way your won’t have to spend hours on Google, Tumblr, and Pinterest searching for photos that probably aren’t high enough resolution for your projects and that you probably do not have the rights to use anyways. Plus, your designs will look more original.

The folks here at Hello Little One wish you the best of luck with the start of your new school year and in your career as a designer!

Photo credit: Macbook | Sketchbook | Sharpie Pens | Paper Cutter | Lynda

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While surfing the web, I stumbled upon this awesome pin of the week. I’ve always been drawn to designs with dark backgrounds. I believe it creates contrast and makes the typography pop, which is exactly what it does in this packaging design. Beatrice Menis, an independent Swedish design studio, is responsible for the awesome design for a product called It Pops!



The reason why they combined the handmade typography with the photography was to communicate the tradition and the natural ingredients used in the popsicles. Pretty cool!

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Tiny Prints and One Kings Lane have partnered to create personal stationery, party invitations, and thank you cards that are finally reflective of your home style. Our own Hello Little One is lucky enough to have designs handpicked by One Kings Lane, the online destination for the home featuring a fresh selection of stylish furnishings, designer and vintage finds, and endless design inspiration. How exciting!

Now that the kids are out of school and we are in the mist of summer beach days and BBQ’s, check out the following Hello Little One invitation and One King Lane products when planning your next summer get-together.

Hello Little One Invit


One Kings Lane

Yellow Place Mats| Silverware | Dinner Plates | Bowls | Serving Platter | Lemonade Pitcher | Glass Cups

Check out the rest of the One Kings Lane Curated Collection and the designs that have been chosen for you.

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You could call it a slight obsession, but I love stripes. So when I stumbled upon this pin, I couldn’t help but make it Hello Little One’s Pin of the Week!


The outdoor-inspired design company, Norquay Co., was launched in 2013 by artist Natasha Wittke. She grew up camping and spending time outdoors. She even jokes that she spent so much time with a paddle in her hand that “it was inevitable [she] would make it my canvas one day.” Artisan Canoe Paddles are made from solid cherry sourced from Northern Ontario. Each paddle is selected for its unique attributes and hand finished in their Montreal-based studio. Their Northern heritage and extensive backcountry canoeing adventures that have influenced the designs behind each of their paddle series.



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As you prepare for Independence Day, here is your inspiration to create some beautiful, (easy) Pinterest-like spreads for your home!



1. Drizzle melted almond bark (like white chocolate, sold in bricks in the baking aisle or online) over large pretzel rods, and then add goodies. What a perfect salty-sweet combo! Photo Credit: Our Best Bites.

2. Decorate cupcakes in the colors of the American flag. They look cool and taste even better! All you’ll need is cupcake mix and colored frosting. Photo Credit: Tumblr.

3. Having a big party? Grab some props and strike a pose! What an easy way to create some kodak memories. Photo Credit: Kristen Duke Photography.

4. If you need decorations, purchase red, white and blue flowers and create your own floral wreath. (If you buy fake flowers, you can re-use the wreath every year.) Photo Credit: Pinterest, originally sold on Etsy.

5. If you are the crafty-type, grab your paint set and a few mason jars. They are excellent silverware and napkin holders for your patriotic cookout or they could double as flower centerpieces. Whichever you prefer, it’s a fun craft for the holiday! Photo Credit: It All Started With Paint.

These are only some ideas. What will you be doing for the 4th?


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