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Abstract Sunday – An Instagram Fave

We’re so oversaturated these days with all things pretty (and endless selfies), that sometimes the world of really clever design gets lost in the haystack. One of my favorite accounts to follow

Our 2017 Holiday Card Collection!

It’s that time of year again and our holiday collection is here! Check out what we’ve been working on… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saved in Style

Playing with illustrations, lettering, layouts, shapes and patterns, Hello Little One created a new Save the Date for Wedding Paper Divas‘ collection — one that we think is rather playful. We

Seaside Romance

To all of our loyal readers, super fans, and fellow design-actics, We apologize for the delay in our good-reads as of late. We have been busy behind our computer making beautiful creations. For

Pin of the Week: Grayden and Jenny

I have recently developed a strong admiration and appreciation for user interface and user experience design. Scrolling through my Pinterest feed, I stumbled upon this gem. Instead of sending out

R – O – Y – G – B – I – V

Remember ROGBIV? A weird little lesson in order to remember the color of the rainbow. Some lovely women at NPR put together another lesson for you to really get to know the ins and outs of each

Love is in the Air: Nordstrom & Hello Little One

Hello Little One has a new love interest. We’re excited to announce that Nordstrom has a new curated collection of chic Tiny Prints stationery. We’re even more excited to announce that

Braizenly Awesome

The four cool cats you see above make-up Braizen, the kick-ass design and marketing team that I worked with this Spring to redo my brand and website. My friend Jill Smith had hired them to re-work

The Power of Design

Design research both inspires imagination and informs intuition through a variety of methods with related intents: to expose patterns underlying the rich reality of people’s behaviors and

Pin of the Week: Amouria

“Love is Fragile“, the tagline for the Amouria Brand, represents the essence behind the jewelry packaging for this week’s pin of the week. Jewelry, the staple gift for every

Black and Gold Party Invitation Inspiration Board

Fall is around the corner, and with the season comes the inevitable chic party celebrations. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, holiday soirée, or anniversary party, you can never go

Our Shutterfly Holiday Collection is Here!

We’re still wearing shorts and flip-flops here in Boston (thankfully), but before you know it, the leaves will be falling, apples will be picked, and turkey dinners will be served. And over

Logo Motion

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is the brand design firm behind many of the world’s most recognizable trademarks. They excel in creating a graphic representations of brand identities that are

Pin of the Week: Only The Strong Survive – Hardwired Beer

As a huge fan of script fonts and hand lettering, I could not help but notice this pin while I scrolled through my Pinterest. A London-based designer, Craig Black, was interested in how humans

Pin of The Week: Trig

I stumbled upon this pin while searching the World Wide Web and I fell in love. I have always had a mini-design obsession with triangles and an even bigger obsession with bright colors. Thus,

Pin of the Week: Britt Bass Turner

Everyone needs a small pop of color in their life and what better way to do that than with design. I have had a long time love for abstract art and a rather recent love for Britt Bass‘s work,

A Little Design Can Go a Long Way

Awhile back, I designed the following invitation for Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Invitations Collection. As a stationary designer, I love the simple elegance of the invitation for the bride

New Year, New Supplies

The countdowns have officially begun! Soon incoming college freshman will begin packing up their hometown bedrooms, moving away from home and starting a new life taking classes in big study halls

Pin of the Week: It Pops!

While surfing the web, I stumbled upon this awesome pin of the week. I’ve always been drawn to designs with dark backgrounds. I believe it creates contrast and makes the typography pop, which

One Kings Lane

Tiny Prints and One Kings Lane have partnered to create personal stationery, party invitations, and thank you cards that are finally reflective of your home style. Our own Hello Little One is lucky

Public Art

Driving into Boston the other day, I noticed the 1971 Rainbow Swash mural on the side of a National Grid gasoline tank. This is not the first time I’ve seen the painting on the gas tank along

Pin of the Week: Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

It has been a hectic week for design! I am in the middle of designing Fall and Winter holiday photo cards , so when I came across this pin, I giggled. Whenever I get into a work flow, you do not see

Pin of the Week: Textile Art

Check out our pin of the week: this geometric textile art by Jane Denton. Her work has a delicate quality; yet at the same time, it has texture and depth created by her use of embroidery. Not to

Charlotte Ronson and Tiny Prints

The name Charlotte Ronson has become synonymous with a fashion design sense that merges runway style with ready-to-wear accessibility. Her combination of femininity and street-style can take you