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After the Picking: What do to with all those Apples

We’re going apple picking at Smolak Farms next week and I’m already trying to think of what I’m going to do with all those apples. My boys treat it like a game of ‘who can

DIY: Polaroids

We all know that the design wheel is always being recreated and inspiration for recreation has to come from somewhere. Normally, we are inspired from fashion, movies, and pop culture. Fashion,

Design in Motion

Movement is one of the key major design principles. It comes from the kinds of shapes, forms, lines, and curves that are used in an individual’s design. Below is a corporate branding design

Graduation Party Decor Ideas

We are in the midst of graduation season and along with tassels and diplomas comes parties and celebrations. While browsing around Pinterest, we found some pretty creative decor ideas, mostly on a


The only thing we love more than designing is seeing how our designs can be the basis for more inspiration. Jessie from Sweet Lulu couldn’t have done a better job, using our Silly Socks