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Our 2016 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection is Here


I know, I know, Halloween just happened…and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet! But there are two reasons for this early post. First: we’re excited. SUPER excited. This is our best holiday collection to date (over 75 unique designs, yay!). We spend over 5 months of the year designing, tweaking and building out holiday designs. Yup, 5 months. So for us, this is a labor of love coming to fruition. I literally design with my friends and family in mind so when my collection is launched, I can’t wait to share. Second: contrary to my intro, it’s not that early — Today is November 1st! I’m going to order mine soon because in the blink of an eye black Friday will be here. My goal is to get them in the mail that weekend.

You can find all these designs here

If you own a business or would like to peruse some non-photo holiday cards, our business collection is non-stuffy, fun and unique. The messaging is mostly non-denominational so you can send them to everyone on your list! Below is a sampling of our faves from this collection, found here on Tiny Prints Business.

As a reader of this blog, you are entitled to a special 40% off plus free shipping friends and family code! Shoot me an email at jenny@hellolittleone.com and I’ll send it along.




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